Gorilla Cookies Feminized Auto Seeds

Presenting Gorilla Cookies Autoflower seeds, a potent hybrid strain renowned for its powerful effects, complex flavors, moderate height, and generous yields suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Crafted for cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators alike, Gorilla Cookies Autoflower seeds promise an exceptional cultivation experience and therapeutic benefits.

Derived from acclaimed parent strains, Gorilla Cookies Autoflower plants typically reach a moderate height, making them adaptable to various growing environments. Indoors, they mature swiftly, usually within 8-9 weeks from germination to harvest, yielding dense, resinous buds that are renowned for their potency and aroma.

Expect Gorilla Cookies Autoflower to produce robust yields, typically around 400-500 grams per square meter indoors under optimal conditions. Outdoors, each plant can yield even more, thriving in temperate climates and benefiting from ample sunlight.

The flowers of Gorilla Cookies Autoflower display a dense, frosty appearance, emanating a complex aroma blending earthy, pine, and sweet cookie dough notes with hints of diesel. This enticing fragrance is complemented by a terpene profile rich in caryophyllene for anti-inflammatory properties, limonene for mood elevation, and myrcene for relaxation.

With THC levels ranging up to 25% or higher, Gorilla Cookies Autoflower delivers a potent high that begins with a euphoric uplift, promoting creativity and focus, before easing into a relaxed body sensation. It’s ideal for both daytime and evening use, offering stress relief, pain management, and a sense of euphoria.

Whether you’re cultivating for recreational enjoyment or seeking therapeutic relief, Gorilla Cookies Autoflower seeds promise a flavorful and robust cannabis experience. Embrace the powerful allure of Gorilla Cookies Autoflower and elevate your cultivation with its complex flavors, potent effects, and productive growth characteristics.


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