Black Strap Autoflower Feminized Pollen

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Blackstrap pollen made with STS solution and refrigerated until shipment. Each vial contains enough pollen to pollinate 1-2 or more plants. Each half vial is good for 1 plant or more depending on your pollination technique.

Blackstrap was an easy growing plant and required little attention. It is mold resistant. Blackstrap grew about 2.5 ft tall had excellent root development, made strong branches able to support its flowers, and featured green and purple cone shaped buds. The overall yield was about 2.5 oz dry flower. You can grow up to 9 of these plants or more in a 4ftx4ft area.


Shipped by 2-day shipping.


Use as soon as you receive it.


Best applied during week 2-4 of flower period to create the most developed seeds.


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